Thursday, October 1, 2009

You Can Almost Feel It

Photo: AP

This is gonna have to be a REALLY short post and I won’t be able to do it much justice, because I have to leave for school shortly and this is the only opportunity I’ll have to write it. I did not see a lot of this game. It was the seventh inning by the time I got home from work. From what I hear, Eddie Bonine had a VERY shaky first inning, but once he got a rocket of a double play ball off the bat of Jose Morales, he settled down and actually gave the Tigers five good innings. And the bullpen stood up in a big way. Miner, Lyon, Rodney were all stellar. Meanwhile, the Twins dipped into the Carl Pavano well one too many times. The Tigers FINALLY figured him out, thanks to some big hits from Brandon Inge, Ramon Santiago, and Maggs.

And now it all comes down to this. Win today, and the Central is ours. Can they do it? Nate Robertson is coming off a bad start against the White Sox in which none of his pitches were working, but he did throw five good innings against the Twins back at the Metrodome to salvage a win in that series. Meanwhile, the Twins send Scott Baker to the mound. I heard him described by someone as the “anti-Pavano,” in that he’s been good against the rest of the league, but the Tigers have scored quite a few runs off him this year. I hope that continues. And it goes without saying that I have never NOT wanted to go to lab so much in my entire life (And it’s wet lab, too, which means I’m not getting out before 4:00, if not later). Your Mood Music for today: It’s a bilingual one today (Hey, we have about an even mix of English and Spanish-speakers on this team). I’m dipping back into Broadway and choosing “This is the Moment.” The English version is from a recording of the original cast of Jekyll & Hyde and features Robert Cuccioli. The Spanish version is from what looks like a Spanish version of American Idol (Spanish Idol? I do know it is from Spain, not from Latin America). The singer’s name is Paco Arrojo, and he does one of the best renditions of this song, no matter which language. Interesting side note: How did they wind up with Hagrid from Harry Potter as a judge? By the way, I’d post a Chinese version of it if I could find one.

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