Friday, November 6, 2009

A Brief World Series Wrap-Up

Well, congratulations to the New York Yankees and their fans. As much as the Tiger community is complaining about it, it is the team I wanted to win, and nine years is a long time for them, at least. The last time the Yankees were the World Champs, I was a senior in high school. It turned out to be a rather evenly-matched series, but the odd thing is that nothing the Yankees did really stood out. They didn’t really have dominant pitching (outside of AJ Burnett in Game 2 and Mariano Rivera). It wasn’t really an offensive barrage (Jeter, Damon, and Matsui were hot. Everyone else was hitting at or near the .200 mark). Really, Game 6 was the only game where they didn’t look either precarious or overmatched. And yet they still won. And so did Fox when it came to the ratings. Hey, if everyone hates the Yankees, why do they watch them, then? But oh well, better them than the Phillies. And so baseball in 2009 has officially come to a close. By the way, one of these days I WILL find out who decides the World Series MVP (Seriously. I’ve asked Tigers, Dodgers, AND Yankees fans this question, and none of them know).

So what’s on tap here? Well, I probably won’t post stuff every day, but there’s bound to be plenty of hot stove action to weigh in on. I will also have part one of my 2010 schedule feature up within the next few days (It’s ready. I’m just having a difficult time determining when would be an appropriate time to post it). And I’ll probably come up with a random quirky one-time feature or two along the way (especially if sends me their holiday catalog again), so stay tuned.


  1. Indeed, congratulations to the New York Yankees on winning World Championship #27...they earned it. My next post will be on the Yanks as the team of the decade.

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