Saturday, July 10, 2010

[Insert Appropriate Elvis Song Here]

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I forgot that last night was Elvis Night, or I would have played some Mood Music for you. At any rate, Justin Verlander had his curveball working really well last night. He also finally got a couple pickoffs, which I knew he was looking for all season. I’m not sure what happened in the sixth. Robbie Weinhardt did a terrific job in his outing. Unfortunately, Ryan Perry couldn’t get an out in the ninth and had to be bailed out by Jose Valverde. Meanwhile, the Tigers jumped on Francisco Liriano like they did the last time they saw him. I’ve never seen him like that against Detroit. There were big nights for Maggs and Guillen in particular. I am somewhat disappointed that they weren’t able to score any runs against the Twins’ bullpen, but I’ll take the win any way it comes.

Today the Tigers and Twins are on big Fox. Jeremy Bonderman is coming off a rough start in which he allowed two 3-run home runs and got ejected because of a wacky strike zone. He won his last start against the Twins, but had to pitch out of trouble quite a bit. There are theories that he’s entering a dead arm phase because he hasn’t pitched much the last couple years. Meanwhile, Nick Blackburn continues to struggle, although he pitched well against the Tigers back in Minnesota. However, he pitches a lot worse on the road. And as for me, I will be at the Mud Hens game tonight, scouting Rick Porcello for a trade that will not happen (at least, I hope it doesn’t happen because I don’t want Dan Haren).  

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