Saturday, September 25, 2010

Justin Verlander Makes Everything Better

Photo: AP

Because I have to make this an abbreviated post (stupid work), there is no way I can do Justin Verlander’s performance justice. He was masterful, racking up eleven strikeouts and walking none. He said he didn’t have his changeup working, but with his fastball blazing and curveball dropping, he didn’t need it. I’ll fret about next year’s rotation later. For now, I’ll just enjoy Verlander.

Meanwhile, the Tigers’ offense took advantage of Liriano’s illness and a jetstream blowing out to left to hang some big-time runs on the board. Miguel Cabrera was the first to ride the jetstream with a two-run homer. After that, Liriano left with the flu or something (or he and Alexi Casilla had had some bad sushi). After that, the Tigers poured it on the Twins’ bullpen. Jhonny Peralta also rode the jetstream en route to a four-RBI night. Casper Wells didn’t need the jetstream. He hit a lined shot that would’ve gone out anyways.

Tonight continues the final home series. Jeremy Bonderman starts for the Tigers. The last time we saw him was the Joe Morgan changeup game in Chicago, where he dodged all sorts of baserunners but managed to go 5.2 innings. How he did that I’m not sure. Carl Pavano starts for the Twins, and he and his pornstache have been a pain. Between the two of them, it won’t exactly be an aesthetic pitching matchup.

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