Thursday, March 3, 2011

Random Thoughts

This will probably be the last post I write before I head to Lakeland on Saturday, unless there’s some big news that happens between now and then. For now, I just have some random thoughts to share:
  • As far as Miguel Cabrera is concerned, the main priority should be his well-being as a person, and with that in mind, I sincerely hope that the treatment program he’s been recommended is truly the best for him and gives him the greatest chance of overcoming this problem. However, I won’t lie. It’s great seeing pictures of him back in game action.
  • I wasn’t able to listen to yesterday’s game, but I’m told that the Astros radio broadcasters observed that there were fans booing Cabrera during his at-bats. Ignoring the fact that this is a tacky thing to do from a conscience standpoint, booing him doesn’t even make sense from a completely selfish standpoint. Even if all you were concerned about was the Tigers winning games, what is booing going to accomplish at this juncture? The season hasn’t even started yet. Nothing he’s done has hurt the team’s chances at anything. This is also puzzling because previous reports had stated that fans were treating him no better or worse than normal. I’ll be able to get this cleared up once I’m in Lakeland.
  • Gee, the media sure doesn’t seem to be that interested in the news of Austin Kearns and Coco Crisp being arrested for DUI.
  • Joel Zumaya will be out a couple of days after tearing scar tissue in his elbow. Not surprisingly, this news has caused a strange mix of panic and gallows humor-type jokes among the Tiger fans. I’ve seen enough stories about other players’ surgeries to know that scar tissue tearing is pretty much a normal part of the healing process. The only reason anyone’s making a big deal of it is because it’s Joel Zumaya. People panic if he so much as sneezes. 
  • And last but certainly not least: While I’m in Lakeland, I will be blogging here (obviously), but I will also be writing for Allison Hagen’s blog, No Run Support. If you don’t read her site already, you should. 

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