Saturday, May 16, 2009

Not Even Rain Can Stop Edwin Jackson

Photo: AP

The first rain delay allowed me to not miss a whole lot of the game while I was at work, and I was easily able to get up to speed thanks to this morning. The second rain delay was not much fun, since I was home by then and had really nothing else to do. The length of the second delay was a bit of a concern because I wanted Jackson to get the win and the Tigers’ bullpen still wasn’t at full strength. But apparently Edwin Jackson is, like, the ironman or something, cuz not only did he come back out after a rain delay of over an hour, he went three more innings. And if anything, he pitched BETTER than before the rain delay. The game also featured nice outings from Ryan Perry and Luke French.

Well, there was so much offense that it nearly overshadowed Jackson’s fine pitching performance. Granted, the Tigers got a lot of help in the early innings by some really poor defense from the Oakland infielders. Was it the rainy conditions, or what? Anyways, I missed Ryan Raburn’s grand slam due to being at work, so it was nice of Brandon Inge to provide me with another one to watch. Another nice thing to watch was Magglio, who looked like he hit some balls hard last night (and both Rod Allen and Jim Price commented that it looked like the bat speed was back). However, Maggs is
expected to miss the Texas series to deal with a “personal issue.” Obviously, we are not privy to the details (nor should we be), but I’d imagine this has something to do with what Leyland was referring to when he said that Magglio had “other things on his mind” a week ago or so. Cabrera? Well, he’s still hitting the ball really, really hard.

Tonight, Rick Porcello goes up against Dallas Braden. Porcello showed a good amount of maturity in his last start, because he didn’t have the best command in the world, yet managed to go five innings and only give up one runs. Dallas Braden has been pitching well this year, but doesn’t get a lot of run support. He also has a sore pitching hand from being hit with a line drive in his last start. Lifetime against the Tigers, it’s been a weird mix for him. He’s had two starts in which he’s shut the Tigers down for the most part, and one other one where he gave up a ton of runs in, like, two innings (that was the game back in ’07 in which Magglio hit two home runs in the same inning). No Mood Music tonight, as I’m running late in getting this posted anyways and no ideas are coming to me.

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