Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Armando Galarraga Link Page

For interested parties, here is a list of news stories, audio clips, and video clips related to Armando Galarraga’s 28-out perfect game from June 2, 2010. This is an incomplete list (I’ve scoured as much as time will allow me, even finding stuff in shows I don’t watch or like, such as “The View,” but I know I didn’t get everything; for instance, I know Galarraga was on “The Early Show” but I can’t find video of it), and it will be in the order in which I found the links, not in chronological order (I will try to make note of the date of the story or interview wherever possible). Also, there are certain video or audio clips that I just can’t link to because there is no permanent link. I will update this page as I find more stuff, and if you find something that is not on this page, please leave a link in the comments. Please let me know if a link is broken as well.

Fox Sports Detroit “Perfect Game” page (Lots of stuff here!)
DetNews: Tigers to Send Items to Hall of Fame (6/5)
Galarraga’s phone interview with ESPN (6/2; video)
NPR’s Interview with Drew Sharp (6/3; transcript + audio link)
NPR Interview with Don Denkinger (6/3; transcript + audio link)
Galarraga and Leyland Interviews the next day (June 3; DetNews video)
Discussion on “The View” (6/3; video; It’s the very first thing they talk about)
Keith Olbermann interviews Jennifer Granholm and Ken Burns (6/3; video)
NPR: Give Galarraga His Perfect Game (6/3)
NPR’s Scott Simon on Weekend Edition (6/5; transcript + audio link)
Bill Geist on CBS Sunday Morning (6/6; transcript)
Galarraga is in Baseball Almanac’s list of unofficial perfect games (6/3)
Freep: Senate Majority Leader Praises Galarraga, Joyce (6/7)
Galarraga’s Interview on CNN (6/5; article + video)
Galarraga Named AL Player of the Week (6/7)
Freep: Hall of Fame Happy to get Armando Galarraga Artifacts (6/7)
Freep: Galarraga, Joyce offer “teachable moment” (6/8)
DetNews: Armando Galarraga seeks to stay good (6/8)
Freep: State House honors Galarraga (6/8)
Galarraga honored by Congressman John Dingell on the House Floor (6/9; video)
Freep: The Mistake that keeps on giving (6/10)
ESPN: Galarraga Ready For the Next Chapter (6/9)
Transcript of Galarraga's Online Chat with Fans (6/16; he answers my question)

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