Sunday, June 6, 2010

Not a Good One to Miss?

Photo: AP

Short post, because I did not see this game at all. It looks like it was an intense pitching duel for a while there. Justin Verlander seemed to be on his game for most of the night. He didn’t strike out many, but from all accounts, the outs he got were pretty routine (with a nice play by Cabrera mixed in). Things got quite dicey there in the eighth, with Verlander giving up two hits to start the inning, Zumaya leaving with a torn callous (not serious; he’s even expected to be available today), and Phil Coke giving up an RBI single. Bringing your closer in during the eighth inning tends to lead to disaster, but they averted it this time, as Valverde pretty much slammed the door. Meanwhile, for most of the night the Tigers could do nothing with Luke Hochevar. Then Miguel Cabrera launched a massive solo shot, as he is wont to do. After that, Guillen and Inge teamed up to drive in some big insurance runs against the KC bullpen.

Today wraps up this three game series which I have seen very little of. Jeremy Bonderman will toe the slab for the Tigers. He took the loss in his last start against the Indians but pitched decently, giving up three runs in eight innings. He has not faced the Royals this year. He’ll be opposed by Brian Bannister, who has handcuffed the Tigers over the past few years and who has pitched really well in day games (one of those splits that probably does not mean a whole lot). Jim Leyland has promised more playing time to Alex Avila, which I think was the plan ever since before spring training started (similar to how they phased out Pudge a couple years ago), but at least I got the seal of approval on Avila’s defense before that plan was implemented. At any rate, this game will start sometime while I’m driving back home, so at some point I will be able to pick it up on radio.

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