Thursday, February 3, 2011

Non-Signings and Latin News

Studies have shown that being depressed can increase a person’s susceptibility to infection. So it shouldn’t be surprising that I’ve spent the past week laid up with a particularly nasty ear infection. Even now, there’s still a perpetual ringing. At any rate, there really hasn’t been a whole lot of news on the Tigers front. There’s not much left to do but wait until pitchers and catchers report. Still, I figured I ought to check in just to keep my credibility afloat.

Just as the whole Jeremy Bonderman thing was about to reach an absolute frenzy on the internet, Dave Dombrowski supposedly threw water on the whole thing by saying that the Tigers were not going to re-sign him. There are also reports indicating that he’s about to sign with the Indians. I already opined on Bonderman last week, so I won’t get into detail about that again. All I’ll say is that this latest development is probably just as well.

While he was on the subject of players that the Tigers wouldn’t sign, Dombrowski mentioned Vladimir Guerrero as another one of those individuals. This was a rumor that never really made sense to me. Actually, it wasn’t so much a rumor as it was originally an article recommending that the Tigers sign Guerrero. I never read the article (I don’t even know if I can, since I don’t subscribe to ESPN Insider), but I’m not sure just how Vlad would fit on this team. My guess is that Jayson Stark’s plan would be to shift Victor Martinez to everyday catcher and have Guerrero DH, but I could be wrong. At least, that was the proposal that other supporters brought forward. Do I really need to remind you that there’s only so much defense you can sacrifice? We tried the all-offense approach before. It didn’t work. As it stands right now, defense is being sacrificed in favor of offense at shortstop, the corner outfield spots, first base to some degree, and possibly second base. If you put Victor Martinez behind the plate every day, that would leave Brandon Inge and Austin Jackson as the only plus defenders on the field. You’re never going to field a team of nine Gold Glovers, but I just don’t think sacrificing more defense is going to be the answer. Actually, if you get down to it, I really don’t think there are anymore “answers” to be had this offseason. I think this team’s already been messed with a little too much.

Finally, I should report that the Caribes de Anazoategui (Magglio Ordoñez’s team) won the Venezuelan League championship and are now representing their country in the Caribbean Series, which began yesterday in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. Even though none of my guys are playing, I still have a vested interest in both Puerto Rico and Venezuela. Venezuela did defeat Puerto Rico last night by a score of 5-3. For some reason, this game started at 11 PM local time. I have no idea why you would start a baseball game that late.

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