Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hope You Had the Tissues Handy

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Short post, as I only have an hour before my next class and I want lunch (plus the girl at the computer next to this one keeps clearing her throat and it’s very annoying). Eddie Bonine acquitted himself nicely last night (more impressive when you consider that he handled the Royals a whole lot better than anyone else on this staff had recently). I’m guessing they’ll stretch him out a bit further next time if they can, but if he can duplicate that performance in his remaining starts, I’ll be satisfied (though I’m still not digging the mohawk). The bullpen was very, very good, especially Brandon Lyon, who did a masterful job of getting out of a first-and-third-none-out-in-a-one-run-game jam. The offense didn’t do quite as much as you’d like against Lenny DiNardo, but they did enough (and got a big boost from KC’s inability to turn double plays last night). Adam Everett in particular came up big. They were also having a charity auction of the players’ “favorite things” as put together by their wives and girlfriends. Over at
Bless You Boys, we were having a chuckle at some of the stuff. In particular, I found it ironic that Alex Avila’s basket included Reduced Fat Cheez-Its AND Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies. Wouldn’t those two cancel each other out? And what in the world happened to Justin Verlander’s girlfriend? I haven’t seen her since his no-hitter, but back then, she was cute-looking (if a girl is allowed to say that about another girl). Now she has spikey emo hair and wears way too much glitter. Personally, I love Justin, but I liked Brandon Inge’s basket the best cuz it included an Xbox. And of course there was Ernie Harwell’s speech, which was to the point, but very touching. I don’t have a lot of personal experience with Ernie Harwell, but the guy is classy to the very end. Thank you, too, Ernie.

Well, can the Tigers take the series today before heading out on the road? It’ll be a tough task. Zack Greinke has been on a roll recently as far as being stingy, but has taken a lot of no-decisions cuz the Royals tend to not score runs for him. The best strategy is probably to just try your best to hold the Royals off the board until you get Greinke out of the game and then take your chances against the Kansas City bullpen. The Tigers don’t score many runs for Edwin Jackson (So by that logic, we’re headed for a slugfest, right?). They actually scored six runs for him in his last start, but he ended up giving up five, including three home runs. Jackson has already been outpitched by Greinke once this year, but Greinke has not won at Comerica Park this year, either. Jackson last faced the Royals on August 15th, when he gave up three runs in six innings but had to deal with baserunners almost the whole time (I should know. I was there). Those runs came on a Billy Butler 2-run homer and a Brayan Peña solo home run. It was a game that the Tigers ultimately won 10-3. I’ll have Gameday Audio at my disposal for the first hour, but after that I have to go to lab, and from what I’ve heard, the earliest I’ll get out is four o’clock, and the game will probably be over by then.

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