Saturday, September 19, 2009

This Is Getting Too Predictable

VERY short post today, as I have to be at work in an hour and I still have to get dressed. It’s bad when the photos of the rookie hazing during the pregame show ended up being the highlight of the game (I missed the pregame show, but I was able to see the photos, thanks to Alli at Bless You Boys). If there’s one thing positive to take away from this, it’s that Tigers pitching was a lot better than they had been previously at the Metrodome this year (Prior to last night, I think the fewest runs they had given up in a game was four). However, Rick Porcello (who I hear DID look good in that dress, even though the photo they showed was of poor quality) is destined to not get any run support at the Metrodome. Brian Duensing had been outstanding since joining their rotation. You expected us to do differently?

Today the Tigers are on Big Fox (which means that I’ll miss most of it, since I work 10-6). You’d figure this game as the one which the Tigers have the best chance of winning, but not only do Carl Pavano starts tend to dictate that the Tigers not score many runs, they also seem to dictate that whichever Tigers starting pitcher opposes him pitches really badly, whether it’s Armando Galarraga or Justin Verlander. And it seems like every time the Tigers have faced Carl Pavano, the hitting has gotten worse, not better. Meanwhile, JV had himself a bizarre outing against the Blue Jays. He struck out nine and walked none while going seven innings, but he gave up ten hits and five runs. Minnesota is the only divisional opponent he has not beaten this year. He tends to get a lot of no-decisions at the Metrodome (1-1 in his career there, although one should point out that he didn’t pitch there at all in ’07). And by the way, you’ll be in the capable hands of Rod Allen for your color commentary today (Dick Bremer, Twins broadcaster, is doing play-by-play. Could be worse).

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