Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Saved By the Bullpen

Photo: AP

I probably have a totally different perception of this game than anyone else does. By the time I got off work (bottom of the sixth, approximately), all the scoring was over and done with, so I felt like I was watching a low-scoring pitching duel. Well, more “listening to” than “watching,” as I ended up with the radio on for the most part (shower radio, if you must know; by the way, Dan and Jim seemed more interested in discussing the 1967 pennant race than the game in front of them). Anyways, I can’t give a whole lot of personal insight into the beginning of the game. I know that Edwin Jackson only lasted five innings and gave up four runs (and a ton of doubles). I don’t know if the same thing that happened to Verlander in Anaheim happened to Jackson last night. That’s certainly a possibility, although from what I hear, he didn’t exactly have an easy time of it in the innings leading up to the fifth. I also missed Zach Miner’s inning. However, Seay, Lyon, and Rodney were terrific (this is why it felt like a low-scoring pitching duel to me). It's worth mentioning that Rodney now has 30 saves this year. Who would've thought that in Spring Training? On the offensive end, Guillen remains hot, and it was nice to see contributions from Laird, Inge, and Huff (superstition and all, but luckily for Huff, judging by the two seconds worth of highlights that I saw, he can get away with the look; that is, however, only a preliminary assessment). And that is all I can give you for now.

The series continues tonight, when Rick Porcello takes on Aaron Laffey. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Porcello (He was out of the game by the time I got home in his last start). He was pretty good against the Rays, although he had a little bit of traffic on the bases. The last time he saw the Indians, he was absolutely stellar, going eight innings. Unfortunately, Rodney suffered his only blown save in that game (the funny thing is, Rodney didn’t pitch that badly either). The Tigers went on to win the game in extra innings. Meanwhile, the last time the Tigers saw Aaron Laffey, it was back in May and they beat him up pretty good (Adam Everett hit a grand slam off him). However, he’s done a good job for the Indians since rejoining their rotation. I’m at work again tonight.

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