Sunday, April 19, 2009

Flu? What Flu?

Photo: Otto Greule, Jr. (Getty Images)

So apparently Leyland’s plan to keep Adam Everett away from everyone else didn’t quite work, cuz the flu spread, first to Marcus Thames, then it was revealed after the game last night that Edwin Jackson was “sick as a dog” (in the words of Jim Leyland). He sure didn’t look like it on the mound. Unlike Verlander, Jackson’s good career numbers against Seattle came through for him. These types of close, low-scoring games are downright exhausting to watch, cuz one mistake can totally change the outlook of the game, and as a result, I was wiped when this one was over. Rodney finally allowed a baserunner and probably wasn’t as sharp as he had been, but he was able to get Beltre and Sweeney to hit the ball right to people. The pitching staff also got some great defense from Polanco and Granderson, who threw out Jose Lopez at home in a critical spot.

Miguel Cabrera had a rare off-day, but against Erik Bedard, that’s not too disconcerting. He did come through in the sixth with the single that started the rally. It took all the Tigers had to get one run across. The second run came courtesy of Ichiro and his throwing error. Again, since it was against a very good pitcher, this isn’t cause for concern right now, though I’d like to see them put up more of a fight against the Seattle bullpen.

Well, today I finally get MY first look at Rick Porcello. He’s pitching on nine days rest, which is good to conserve his arm, but I’ve heard that it’s not good for sinkerballers to get extra rest because then they feel TOO strong and therefore their sinker doesn’t sink. Carlos Silva starts for the Mariners, another sinkerballer. The Tigers pounded him on three separate occasions last year, but prior to that, he had been really tough on them, and I’ve heard that he’s pitching much better so far this year (he did pitch quite well in the World Baseball Classic up until the semifinals). Guillen will DH today with Anderson in left field, and Treanor gets a start behind the plate.

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