Friday, April 10, 2009

Joe Rychnovsky Does Not Approve

I told you that good feelings didn’t always necessarily mean wins, and so I guess the good thing to take away from this series is that outside of Verlander, the starting pitching has been pretty decent (and even Verlander seemingly had his velocity back). That said, I can’t get a lot of insight into Porcello cuz he was gone by the time I got out of lab. From the bits I’ve read, he wasn’t exactly dominant, as he never had a 1-2-3 inning, and he eventually got bit by the long ball, but it’s hard to tell based on one start. I know that the sports guy for our local Fox station wasn't impressed (hence the title), and was actually quite harsh on him. I think Porcello next comes up against Chicago, which probably won't be easy. And the bullpen? Well, technically, they weren’t the ones to give up the lead, they were each victimized by one hitter they faced out of several, and they weren’t helped by a double play that wasn’t turned.

With that, the one visit to Toronto is over, we don’t see the Jays again until, like, August, and it’s time to get Comerica Park opened back up again. The Texas Rangers come to town, and they just got done sweeping the Indians (and, in the process, absolutely murdering the Cleveland pitching staff, which has to have a collective ERA of about 102 at this point). Needless to say, Texas has a VERY good offense, and they are coming into Detroit VERY hot. If Armando Galarraga wins today, he’ll have earned it. I do remember his one start against his old team last year. He was decent enough, although he gave up a three-run homer to Chris Davis (luckily, the Tigers scored, like, 9 runs in the top half of the following inning so he ended up with the win). This’ll be the first home opener I’ll ever have had the chance to see (school or work has interfered in past years). The last two home openers have resulted in extra innings losses. Hopefully the Tigers can get themselves a win this time ‘round.

By the way, the player has descended into full-of-bugs hell. And I’m not the only one have problems with it. Live games aren’t a problem, for the most part. But archived games seem to appear and disappear at will. And if you want to listen to the archived radio broadcasts, you can’t leave the room or anything cuz there are no controls in the audio player. No pausing, fast-forward, or anything else helpful. Your mood music for today is Styx’s “Rockin’ the Paradise.” I’ve wanted to make a Tigers music video to this song for about two years now, but I just haven’t gotten to it. Still, I think the lyrics are fitting.

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