Saturday, April 25, 2009

Friday Night Snoozefest

Well, that had to be the most boring game of the young season. At a little over a mere two hours long, I felt kind of cheated, especially after being unable to watch the second half of the last three games. Rick Porcello wasn’t bad, but he needs to stop giving up home runs to guys who don’t hit home runs. He also needs to not give up runs right after his team has just scored. It was probably a longshot against Greinke, though, who is hot right now, but I was at least hoping they’d make him work a bit more and not get themselves complete-gamed. At least they managed to do what no team had done before, and that’s get a run against him, even if it WAS unearned. This game also featured the reappearance of Nate Robertson after a nearly two week absence. Armando Galarraga must’ve given his glasses back.

Well, in some respects, Rick Porcello was kind of the sacrificial lamb last night. It’s time for guys to step up and give their all for tonight’s game. Kyle Davies hasn’t been easy, but unlike Zack Greinke, he at least HAS an earned run average, miniscule as it may be. The Tigers have beaten him a few times, although one was when he was with the Braves and they beat him 2-1. Zach Miner’s got an elevated ERA right now, but last year he made some very good starts against KC, especially at Kaufman Stadium. So there’s no reason why he can’t do it again. And…Joel Zumaya is back, and the irony of the locale is not lost on him, either, cuz it was at Kaufman Stadium almost two years ago that he ruptured the tendon in his finger, starting the long process of a lot of surgeries and basically being rebuilt. Which leads me to tonight’s Mood Music. I briefly thought of going with the obvious “Voodoo Chile,” but I decided to have a bit more fun with Joel. Thus, ladies and gentlemen, I present the opening credits to The Six Million Dollar Man. I think it’s quite fitting.

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