Friday, July 17, 2009

And Now Back to Work

It’s occurred to me that I never did a preview for tonight’s game, and as I don’t have much time, it’ll be a real quick one. The Tigers open up the second half in the Bronx. They didn’t have such a good series at Comerica Park, and the Yankees are usually a much better second half team, so this is going to be a difficult weekend (that and the fact that there have already been an insane amount of home runs hit in Yankee Stadium). Luke French will face his biggest test yet. He did outduel Zack Greinke in his last start, but the Yankees have a tad bit better offense than the Royals. The Tigers will be up against A.J. Burnett, who can be totally wild and totally lights-out, oftentimes in the same start. Your Mood Music for tonight: Let’s have Frank Sinatra get us in the Yankee Stadium mood.

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