Saturday, July 18, 2009

[Cutsey Pun Headline Deleted]

Considering that the Tigers are in New York, the home of Broadway, I had the perfect pun all set and ready to go, but considering the latest news on Zumaya, it would be inappropriate for me to use it. Zumaya said he felt something pop in his shoulder while pitching last night, and now he’s on his way back to Detroit for an MRI. Here we go again. Now, he says the pop happened when he threw ball four to Swisher, so it was late in the inning, long after he gave up the home run to Teixiera, but I can’t help but wonder if there were any warning signs at all (which brings me back to the old adage of not pitching hurt). The generalized feeling on the blogosphere is that considering all the complaining, criticism, and declaration that Zumaya could never be an effective pitcher again, no one seriously wanted this to happen. For what it’s worth, Zoom says the pain is in a different part of his shoulder from where the stress fracture was. At this point all we can do is hope this isn’t as bad as it sounds. As far as the rest of the game in a nutshell, well, Luke French kind of got in and out of trouble all night, but I suppose he pitched effectively enough. The Tigers had ten hits but only three runs, which isn’t very efficient. Phil Hughes just made them look bad, and I don’t like that. On a somewhat lighter note, I think I may have found the root cause of the problem:

Where Dick Cheney goes, bad things tend to follow.

I’m writing this post now instead of when I get back from work because it’s a freakin’ day game today and it’ll probably be two-thirds of the way over before I get home. And it’s a battle of aces. The last time Justin Verlander faced the Yankees, it started off that dominant stretch that he went through in May and early June. It would be so totally awesome if this start could set off another dominant stretch for him. He’s been a little more human as of late, but he is coming off a really good start against the Indians. CC Sabathia has already lost to the Tigers once this year but pitched well, and he tends to pitch really well in the second half. He’s coming off a somewhat rough start against the Angels. Hopefully we’ll get news on Zumaya sometime today (and hopefully it’s good news).

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