Wednesday, July 29, 2009


This’ll probably be a short post today, as I don’t have a lot of things to say about last night’s game. That’s not to indicate disgust or depression or anything like that. I just can’t come up with a lot of things to say. The backbreaker in this game was that after the Tigers scored three runs, the Rangers immediately came back with four. And the floodgates opened with their #9 hitter. Meanwhile, from an offensive standpoint, you can’t really say this was about squandering a whole lot of opportunities, because, well, they didn’t have many of those. In fact, there were really only two good opportunities. The Tigers cashed in on one, not on the other, and really didn’t do anything for the entire rest of the game.

I spent today out and about and then on the phone for an hour, so it feels to me like last night’s game happened five weeks ago and that tonight’s game won’t happen for another five weeks. And when you’re in dire need of having your pitcher throw a shutout, I suppose Justin Verlander is a good choice to have on the mound. Perhaps asking for a shutout is hoping for too much, but Justin’s already thrown two at Ranger Ballpark. However, he’s not as dominant on the road as he is at home this year. Scott Feldman will start for the Rangers. He’s had himself a nice year, as have several of the Rangers’ pitchers. He’s got a really good earned run average. The Tiger hitters will have their work cut out for them. Again. No Inge tonight, as I suppose Leyland wants to give him tonight off ahead of the off-day, and Thames is in left field instead of Thomas. Magglio continues to be in the lineup, which I suppose brings me back to my reasonable proposal. It seems that Jim Leyland is thinking along the same lines I was. Maggs hasn’t been spectacular, but he’s okay, I suppose. He’s not been hitting nearly as many ground balls as he had been.

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