Friday, August 13, 2010

Give Credit Where Credit is Due

Photo: AP

It was nice to finally see one of these close pitching duels go the Tigers’ way. Justin Verlander had some command problems early, but this time he managed to make the adjustment before it was too late. His pitch count got to him about an inning before you’d want it to, and he got bailed out right at the end by Brennan Boesch to get a double play (otherwise the Rays would have taken the lead), but the strikeout machine he turned into during the middle innings was very impressive.

The Tigers dispatched of any plans Matt Garza had to no-hit them again rather quickly with Miguel Cabrera’s double in the second inning. Unfortunately for Cabrera, that’s the only hit he would get on the day, but the other Tigers were able to step up, albeit just barely. The big blow came from Ryan Raburn (hence the title), and I’ve said that his at-bats have been better recently. Brandon Inge had the other big hit in the game, and he had quietly been struggling recently (but with so many of the hitters struggling, it’s hard to single anyone out there).

After an off-day, it’s time to make what may be a last-ditch effort to get back in the race (then again, we’ve heard that before) and take on the White Sox. They just lost two of three to the Twins. Anyways, Jeremy Bonderman was the only pitcher to beat them last time they faced off. He had some control problems in his last start, which came on short rest. He’ll be up against Mark Buehrle, who beat the Tigers when last he saw them, but lost to the Orioles in his last start (Holy crap, the Orioles are playing well all of a sudden). And it’s going to be an uphill battle for Miguel Cabrera if he wants to break out of his slump. After going hitless back in their last matchup, he is now 0-for-15 against Buehrle.

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