Sunday, August 29, 2010

Running Out of Outs

Yet another short post, since the film shoot went over schedule and I ended up being there until almost 6:00 (It was a fun time, but even though I was wearing plenty of sunscreen, my skin got absolutely cooked; also, I have a big bruise on my leg from running into a chair). Alfredo Figaro did about as well as I expected him to, which isn’t really saying a lot. The fact that he went five innings was a pleasant surprise, but I can’t exactly call them five good innings. The offense could not do much against Brandon Morrow. They did stage an uprising against the Blue Jays’ bullpen but came up one run short. One thing that stands out was some bad bunting from Santiago and even worse baserunning from both Santiago and Will Rhymes.

The series concludes with Rick Porcello on the mound. He’s coming off a very good start against the Royals. He took the tough luck loss against the Blue Jays back in July when he was outpitched by a score of 3-2. He hasn’t pitched at Rogers Centre since he made his major league debut last April. The Tigers will face lefty Marc Rzepzcynski (and that’s the last time I will say his name in this post). The Tigers have never faced him before except in spring training. Johnny Damon is 1-for-3 while Jhonny Peralta is 0-for-1. That is the extent of their regular season experience against him.

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