Sunday, August 8, 2010

I'm Glad I Didn't Go to THAT Game

After I spent yesterday’s blog discussing the specific problems I’ve seen and how it really didn’t feature the starting pitching or the defense, this game was just plain ugly. Jim Leyland may have liked Bonderman’s stuff, but as he said, the command was not there. The command was not there with any of the relievers, either. And apparently Brad Thomas thought he could pitch through an ankle injury, which turned out to be a bad move (Again, don’t pitch hurt). I’m not sure what Eddie Bonine’s problem was. On the flipside, it looked as though the Tigers were trying to be patient against Scott Kazmir, but he was unusually proficient and throwing first-pitch strikes and he only walked one batter. I think their approach against Jered Weaver was better, though.

The Tigers will try to avoid the sweep as they send Rick Porcello to the mound. Porcello was lit up by the White Sox in his first real bad start since his return. He has not pitched particularly well against the Angels in his career, but he’s done better against them than he has against the White Sox. Meanwhile, the Angels will start Trevor Bell, who has an elevated ERA, but he’s not made that many starts yet. His minor league numbers were pretty good. The only Tiger who has seen him is Jhonny Peralta. He’s 1-for-3 with an RBI. Your Mood Music for today: Breaking Benjamin.

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