Thursday, June 11, 2009

Demon Slain

Photo: AP

After the messiness of Tuesday’s game, last night’s was clean and tidy. No Zumaya or Rodney? No problem. Verlander simply went the distance. Against a team that had, up until now, owned him at U.S. Cellular Field. Jim Thome touched him up for his seventh career home run off him (which is still mind-blowing), but that’s the only damage he allowed. And while the offense didn’t get much going against Danks, they were able to scratch out just enough support for him. By the way, I am officially convinced that the radar gun at U.S. Cellular Field is slow. My suspicions first arose a couple nights ago when I noticed it was consistently clocking Zach Miner in the high 80s, when I know he throws harder than that. Then last night, it had Verlander’s final pitch at 98, while Gameday and just about everyone else on the blogosphere say it was at 100. Either way, it’s got ESPN buzzing about him.

Today marks the end of this epic five-game series, finally. The Tigers have already won the series, but now it’s time to get greedy. Edwin Jackson will look to follow up on both Verlander’s performance last night and his own performance from his last time out (Both were 2-1 complete games). He hasn’t seen the White Sox very often, and his numbers against them are...okay, I guess. Obviously, those numbers are from before this year. He’ll be opposed by Gavin Floyd, who has an elevated earned run average, but that’s because he had a stretch of games earlier this year where he pitched very badly, but in his last several starts, he’s been on a roll. He’s always handcuffed Detroit, so this game is by no means easy. Magglio and Polanco get the day off, while Cabrera is the DH (might as well take advantage of it, since you won't have it for the next six games), Raburn is at first, Santiago is at second, and the “speedy” outfield is in place. I have heard there is rain in the Chicago area. Hopefully, the delay won’t be too long, as I would love for this game to end before I go to work (5:00). Your Mood Music for today: I had to use this one at some point during the series. My favorite band is Styx, they are from Chicago, and this is my favorite song. And I am playing this for no other reason than it is my favorite song.

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