Saturday, June 20, 2009

Thunder All Around

Photo: AP

Well, my mention of rain delays in yesterday’s post was certainly appropriate, to say the least. I have to be at work in an hour, so this’ll be a short post. The rain delay was already well in progress when I got home, so I can’t really comment on Armando Galarraga first-hand. My dad said he didn’t look very good in the first inning (though I noticed there was an error by Brandon Inge that probably didn’t help matters), but the numbers have shown that he’s been struggling in the first couple innings, for some reason. I took a look at Gameday, and it seems like he was giving up quite a few hits, but he was able to get some double plays to get himself out of trouble, which at least implies that his sinker was sinking. It was a strange game defensively. The Tigers made three errors, but they also turned in some dazzling plays late, such as the double play started by Cabrera and Don Kelly making a diving catch. Meanwhile, the Tigers finally put on a power display. We’ve been waiting all season for that. Having Marcus Thames back certainly helps in that regard. Cabrera looks like he’s heated up again somewhat. Granderson’s been hot in terms of the long ball. And Dusty Ryan made his presence known by hitting a double that almost went out.

Today, the boys are on Big Fox for a late afternoon affair (and of course, this whole Magglio situation will make for a media field day, which is gonna suck, especially if Ken Rosenthal is there). They’ve called up Alfredo Figaro (Fernando Rodney’s cousin) from Double A to make his Major League debut (as expected, Dane Sardinha has been sent to Toledo). He’ll be opposed by Dave Bush, the Brewers’ #4 starter, who has been struggling recently. The Indians didn’t have too much trouble with him, at least (but then again, the Indians have a better offense than the Tigers right now). I’m at work until 4:00, so I’ll leave just in time for this game.

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