Wednesday, June 17, 2009

JV Can't Save You This Time

Well, I got home from work only to see some news that I didn’t exactly expect. No, not the fact that the Tigers hadn’t scored any runs yet, but that Verlander had given up four runs. When I said that they weren’t always going to be able to rely on Verlander and Jackson, I didn’t quite mean right now. I did not see the first inning, but according to JV, he said he was tired from the get-go, and Yadier Molina’s long at-bat took everything out of him. I’m not sure what all that’s about. The blogosphere is being rather kind to him, which surprises me somewhat, given how venomous they were towards him back in April. Nate Robertson was no help, and even Ryan Perry got bombed. And again, there was no offense anyways. If there were positives in this game, it’s that Brandon Inge homered (though it’d be nice if he could’ve done that in the first inning), and Cabrera looked better at the plate with a single, walk, and homer (and again, he’s moving better at first base, so hopefully that hamstring’s just about healed up).

Well, if the Tigers are going to have a successful Interleague June this year, they’ve gotta step it up quickly. It’s time to start living up to that potential I spoke of earlier in the year. At any rate, Justin Verlander came into last night’s game with a stellar Interleague record and lost. Edwin Jackson comes into tonight’s game with a bad Interleague record. Maybe a little reverse psychology is in order? At any rate, his career numbers against the Cardinals are not bad, and he pitched well enough to win in his start against them last year. However, Jackson struggled against the White Sox his last time out. Todd Wellemeyer starts for the Cards. He was really good for them last year, but has struggled this year, and apparently his velocity is down. However, the Tigers saw him last year and didn’t do much against him, though it was in a game they eventually won.

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