Monday, June 8, 2009

Round One Goes to Us

Photo: Jonathan Daniel (Getty Images)

Finally, a pleasant Game 1, for once, at least in terms of the outcome. It was rather stressful to watch, though. I thought Armando Galarraga pitched pretty well, save for a rocky first inning and a hanging slider he threw to Jermaine Dye. He certainly pitched well enough to win, and it’s a shame he didn’t. I love Zumaya, but this is the second game in a row that he’s kind of ironically gotten the win after giving up a run. Rodney looked like he might have some trouble getting through the ninth, but a timely double play got him out of trouble.

Meanwhile, while the offense could’ve been better, it was nice that every time the White Sox scored, the Tigers came right back and scored in the following half inning. Still, they left a bunch of men on base in the early goings, but once again, they were able to take advantage of some errors that the White Sox made. And hey, for all the complaining that goes on about Dane Sardinha’s lack of offense, he DID supply both a crucial sac fly (which came on a missed squeeze, oddly enough) and a sac bunt that set up a run. Either way, Jim Leyland certainly seemed happy in his post-game interview, but what was with all the smoke that was wafting into the frame? He must’ve had, like, ten cigarettes sitting in an ashtray just off camera.

Well, that was so much fun that we get to do it again. Tonight marks the return of Jeremy Bonderman. Ryan Perry was actually the one sent down to make room for him, but I get the feeling that may be temporary. Still no word on who he’s replacing in the rotation, and they might be waiting until after Dontrelle Willis pitches tomorrow night before they make that decision. Anyways, they say that Bonderman’s velocity hasn’t returned yet (And whether or not it WILL return seems to depend on whether you ask the trainers, who believe it will, or Bonderman, who speaks as though it won’t), and he says that will force him to throw more changeups. Well, we’ve heard that about the changeup before, and it never seems to stick. The White Sox are starting our old friend Jose Contreras, who obviously struggled in their rotation but had been pitching well in Triple A. To everyone’s surprise, Cabrera IS in the lineup for tonight, although he’s the DH. You also have Raburn playing first base (He has a couple home runs off Contreras in his career), Maggs on the bench (His career numbers against Contreras aren’t that good), and the speedy lefties in the outfield (because Contreras is easy to run on). By the way, this is the last “complete” game I’ll be able to watch for a while, as I work the whole rest of the week.

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