Saturday, August 22, 2009

Always Nice To Do That

Photo: AP

I’m sure you’re just as exhausted as me. Jackson pitched well, and it was definitely a nice win, although it was not without its west coast strangeness. Raburn had a couple of miscues in the outfield (He made up for them with the home runs, though). There was Jackson’s errant pickoff throw, plus a couple of wild pitches (one of which looked like Laird would’ve had a chance to throw out Ryan Sweeney, but it appeared as if he slipped on the grass or tripped over his shin guards). Cliff Pennington, not known as a particularly good defender, made a couple of dazzling plays. And Polanco made a sparkling play of his own to save Rodney from blown save. Not to mention the play at the plate.

Tonight’s game has a slightly more manageable start time of 9:05. Armando Galarraga was very impressive last Sunday against Kansas City, especially when you consider that he’d been sick the previous week and was clearly running on fumes. His pitches looked really, really good for the most part. He beat the A’s last time he faced them and only gave up one run, but he walked six in that game. He’ll be up against Trevor Cahill, whom he faced in his other start against the A’s (that was at Comerica Park, and neither starting pitcher fared very well). Cahill was handed a 5-0 lead in that game before he even took the mound, and could not hold it. I’m just hoping for good things from Galarraga. Lots of good things.

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