Saturday, August 15, 2009

With Pitching Like That, All You Need is One

Photo: AP

Yep, I STILL haven’t seen Jarrod Washburn pitch. When I got home from work, it was the bottom of the eighth inning. But obviously from all accounts, Washburn pitched a gem. And he had to, cuz Zack Greinke wasn’t giving anything up himself (though he did walk four). But then, Brandon Inge came up big in the ninth. And with the struggles he’s had in the second half (which I’m convinced is caused by the knee injury), that had to feel good. I hope they took it easy on him at home plate, though.

And with that, Tigers pitching has now thrown back-to-back shutouts. Can they keep it up? Edwin Jackson is a real good candidate to do so, but he wasn’t so sharp last time out against Boston. He gave up four runs and only lasted four innings. Leyland says his breaking ball has been inconsistent in the second half. He lost his only start against the Royals this year, giving up four runs (three earned). I should point out that that came against Zack Greinke. The Tigers will face Luke Hochevar, who has a somewhat elevated earned run average but pitched okay his last time out. I don’t remember much about Hochevar except he shut the Tigers out once last year (marking the only occasion that Justin Verlander has lost to Kansas City). I will be at tonight’s game, live and in person, so hopefully I will have my own pictures for you tomorrow. Your Mood Music for tonight: This is why I’ve held off using Kiss’s “Detroit Rock City” until now. Those of you who have been to Comerica Park know that they play this song when the Tigers take the field. So I thought it’d be fitting for me to play it on the night I go to a game. Enjoy!

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