Saturday, August 29, 2009

Soggy But Sweet

Photo: AP

As an aside, yes, Brandon Inge is making a really weird face in that picture. I got home in time to see the seventh inning onwards, so I missed most of the action. This also means that I didn’t see Porcello or Garza. Porcello did well, obviously, though from what I’ve heard, he did have to pitch his way out of trouble. And it was nice to see the Tigers get a win on a night where the middle of the order really didn’t do anything. The bottom of the order really came through. Inge had a home run and a single (and that is a nice story about Noah). Laird had a double and a single (yeah, the double was a gift, but he’ll take it), and Everett came up with a big two-run double. All in all, a nice night, though it got really wet at the end.

Today, the Tigers will be on Big Fox with Kenny Albert and Mark Grace as your broadcasters (I’ll take it…beats Joe Buck and Tim McCarver any day). Nate Robertson will make his first start since last year. He did well with the Mud Hens. However, Triple A hitters are one thing. The Tampa Bay Rays are something completely different. As far as Armando Galarraga is concerned, they made some offhand comment on the radio about the elbow/forearm inflammation bothering him “for a while.” If this is true, why does it not surprise me? At any rate, I hope he gets it cleared up so he can rejoin the rotation soon. The Rays will start David Price, the hard-throwing lefty. He really struggled when he was first called up, but he’s made some effective starts lately. However, most of his good starts have been at the Trop. His ERA on the road is over eight. He also throws a lot of pitches, generally (though the Tigers aren’t exact patient). I’m working 3-9, so it’s unlikely that I’ll see any of this game.

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