Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fox Saturday Flatness

I’m not gonna have much to say about this game simply because I didn’t see it. I was able to sneak away from work from time to time and listen to a few seconds here and there on the radio, but that’s it. From what I’ve heard, Nate Robertson wasn’t that bad, but the defense wasn’t very good. Meanwhile, it’s hard to gauge the offense against David Price. Price has had his ups and downs this year, but he has very good stuff and there’s a reason why he was a #1 pick. Dan Dickerson and Jim Price just seemed mystified by his really good command. They kept asking “Where’s the wildness?” I wonder how much it throws you for a loop as a hitter when your game plan is to be patient because the guy has been wild and then he becomes a strike-thrower.

Today is a Sunday matinee affair, and the last game that I’ll be able to see in its entirety until next Saturday. Justin Verlander was mowing through his last start against the Angels until the sixth, when things fell apart for him, for some reason. He did get out of it with the win, though. He beat the Rays once last year, but several of the Rays have good numbers against him. He’ll be opposed by Jeff Niemann. Niemann began the season as the Rays’ fifth starter, but he’s had one really good year for the Rays. He’s not overpowering, but he throws a lot of different pitches, changes speeds effectively, etc. Laird starts behind the plate for the third day in a row, while Magglio gets the day off.

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