Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Am NOT Crazy

The full explanation of that title will come at a later date. At any rate, outside of the fact that the score was 3-2, this game really did not exhibit much of that west coast strangeness. Armando Galarraga (who looks like he’s gotten a little bit of that weight back, but the jersey is still rather baggy) did a good job. He got a little out of whack in the second inning, and unfortunately that’s what allowed the A’s just enough runs to hang around until winning in the ninth, but other than that, the slider and the fastball looked good. And as for the play that ended it, well, I wonder what would’ve happened if Raburn hadn’t tried to dive for the ball and if Avila didn’t let the ball get past him. At any rate, the offense couldn’t do much against Cahill to start. The swings were definitely getting better starting around the fourth/fifth innings, but at that point, the Tigers mostly hit balls right at people. And Oakland has a good bullpen. That pretty much sums it up.

Today marks the last game for me before school starts (which means that I’ll miss a great deal of the Anaheim series, which may not be a bad thing). Rick Porcello was good for five innings against Seattle, but ran into trouble in the sixth. His lone start in Oakland (back in June) was not a good one. Meanwhile, the Tigers will face Brett Tomko, who was released by the Yankees, picked up by the A’s, and proceeded to shut out the Yankees. I believe the Tigers saw him on Opening Day last year. If I remember correctly, Carlos Guillen hit a home run off him.

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