Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Johnny Damon Show

Photo: Leon Halip (Getty Images)

Short post today, since I really didn’t see this game (except for video highlights later) and since today’s game starts in about 45 minutes. I was able to listen to bits and pieces during work, as well as the bottom of the fifth and top of the sixth on the radio in my car during my lunch break.  The top of the sixth featured JOHNNY DAMON throwing out a runner at the plate, which is hilarious in and of itself. From the sounds of things, Bonderman pitched pretty well (and Laird threw out two runners; he should get bonus points for that since Bondo was on the hill). The bullpen came through again, and kind of lost in all this was the fact that Ryan Perry got his first major league win. Meanwhile, I did see that the Tigers weren’t very effective with runners in scoring position, but looking at that stat in a box score doesn’t have the same emotional impact as experiencing it. I do know that Johnny Damon’s first home run with the Tigers came at a very opportune time.

Today, the Tigers will go for the sweep as two good pitchers with bad ERAs against the opposing team will go against each other in Jered Weaver and Justin Verlander. Their previous meetings have resulted in some wild games. Verlander still threw too many pitches in too few innings against the Twins, but he looked better. The Angels have shown that they can foul off a lot of his pitches (the baseball guru tells me that is because Verlander’s stuff is so good that they can’t get enough of it to put it in play). Jered Weaver actually had one of his better starts against the Tigers the last time they saw him, though it was a game that the Tigers won. Magglio is back in right field, and Alex Avila will catch Justin Verlander for the first time. Hopefully he’s up for the challenge.

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