Monday, May 3, 2010

May is Here, and So is Justin Verlander

Photo: Leon Halip (Getty Images)

Sorry about this post being so late, and so short. I think I’ve come down with some sort of stomach bug or food poisoning, and I’ve felt like throwing up since I got home this afternoon. There was nothing to throw up about yesterday, however. Justin Verlander was magnificent. For most of the game, we were all haunted by a two-out Torii Hunter single in the first. He ended his day by giving up a couple more hits, but it was still the textbook definition of gem. And the offense flat-out wore down Jered Weaver, who otherwise didn't pitch badly.

The Tigers now take their first trip into Target Field (I’ve seen glimpses, and the backstop looks like cardboard, at least in terms of color). Scott Baker and Max Scherzer match up again. Neither of them pitched well in their last outing, and the concern with that is that Scherzer tends to do worse in a second consecutive start against a team. Joe Mauer will miss at least this game, but the Twins lead such a magical existence that Wilson Ramos will probably get five hits in each game. Still, I’m hoping for a good game. Give a queasy girl a break, huh? Claim to fame: My dad packaged the software for the elevators at Target Field.

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