Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More Fun With Rainouts

Are doubleheaders against teams other than the White Sox even allowed? Ordinarily, what I do during doubleheaders is that I’ll do a post on the results of the first game right between the two. However, I work 4-9 today so that’s not gonna happen. Since the game 1 pitching matchups are the same as they were last night, I’ll preview game 2 in this post. It’ll be Jeremy Bonderman against Phil Hughes. Bonderman had a meltdown his last time that got wiped off the history books by the rain. The individual matchups versus the Yankees are actually quite favorable towards Bonderman. Of the current Yankees, the only one who has hit above .250 against him is A-Rod (.308 with 2 HRs), though Derek Jeter has hit three home runs off him. Phil Hughes seems to have finally put things together as a starter for the Yankees (My fantasy team thanks him, but I’ll be more than willing for him to take the loss tonight). As favorable as the individual lines are for Bonderman, they’re even more favorable towards Hughes. Miguel Cabrera is 3-for-6, and Magglio is 1-for-8. That’s it. None of the other Tigers have hits against him (Well, Carlos Guillen does, but that’s not a big help right now). The Tigers have called up Alfredo Figaro from Toledo and sent Ryan Raburn back down. With Brad Thomas and Eddie Bonine both likely still unavailable, they probably needed an extra reliever for the doubleheader (It’s unlikely that Figaro would start today, as he would be on short rest). They will need someone to start on Sunday to get everyone back on their normal rest (no off-day). That will likely be Figaro, but I was kind of hoping they’d give Armando Galarraga a shot (and he is already scheduled to start for Toledo on Sunday; then again, the Red Sox have not been the greatest matchup for him in the past).

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