Sunday, May 9, 2010

With Wind Like That, Strikeouts Come in Handy

Photo: AP

Short post, as I didn’t see this game (as I warned you). I got to listen to the fifth and sixth innings during my lunch break, and I caught wind of the final score before I left work, but that was it. Justin Verlander was dominant early in the game, but when I listened to it, he had found himself in some trouble (and that secret pitch limit must be around 120 or something). Still, Justin had the strikeouts working. And if the weather in Cleveland was anything like the weather here (and there’s a good possibility of that), it couldn’t have been much fun. He was good enough for me. The hitting heroes were Scott Sizemore and Miguel Cabrera, but every Tiger who started the game reached base (hit or walk) except Alex Avila.

Today is Mother’s Day, or as I like to call it, Pink Bat Day. Let’s hope it turns out better for Miguel Cabrera than it did last year (It was slightly funny how he had a bad day at the plate and proceeded to blame all things pink, as the pink bat and pink articles on his person gradually disappeared with each strikeout, pop-up, or double play grounded into). Max Scherzer will look to bounce back after two rough outings in a row against the Twins. Hopefully it is just a Twins thing, because he’s been decent against everyone else. He’s never faced the Indians, and the only Indian on the roster (and I’m not even sure he’s on their 25-man) who has faced him is Anderson Hernandez, so we have zero insight in that regard. The Indians start righty Mitch Talbot today, and Talbot’s actually been one of their better starters this season. The Tigers beat him last month, mostly cuz he walked a bunch of them.

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