Monday, May 31, 2010

The Return of Max Scherzer

Photo: AP

I missed this game (work), but I kinda/sorta watched the archived game this morning (the sound was out of sync, so I wasn’t paying real close attention). Whatever mechanical adjustment Scherzer made seems to have paid off, as his velocity has come back. He was throwing more like what I remember him throwing when he was with the Diamondbacks, if not a fair bit better, judging by the way he mowed through the A’s lineup. If there’s one little mini-complaint I have about the pitching yesterday is that the bullpen has now given up runs in four straight games and I wish for that to stop. It was a big day for the offense, as they scored in all but two innings and everyone got at least one hit except Ryan Raburn and Ramon Santiago. Miguel Cabrera is particular is having a monster series.

This series wraps up today (Memorial Day). If the Tigers are gonna try for a split, Justin Verlander is their best chance. He pitched a complete game win against the A’s last time he saw them, although he lost to the Mariners in his last start (which seems like ages ago). The Tiger hitters will face righty Trevor Cahill. He faced the Tigers twice last year. He was knocked around in his start at Comerica Park, and he pitched well in his start at the Oakland Coliseum. And of course, being Memorial Day, a big thanks goes out to the men and women who have served our country.

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